Hallowed is an All-round type guild that welcomes everybody. We mainly recruit lv100+ but all are welcome to join.
We have twice weekly raids, we have lots of PVPers and a great social group.
We also allow casuals & your alts.

We provide guild repairs for member rank and up, we have a discord server with a music-stream and a bot-dj to add your songs to the playlist, and we reward those who contribute accordingly. But most of all we offer a lot of nice and fun people to play with!
Want in? JOIN NOW!!


Our rank system:

  • Hallowed Guild Master
  • Raid Master Raid Leader
  • Enthroned Officer
  • Enshrined Officer-light
  • Esteemed Elite members
  • Glorified Veteran members
  • Blessed Member
  • Pledged Initiate